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Domain Names & Thawte Secure Digital Certificates (Thawte SSL)
Domain Name Registration

Looking to register a domain name, or multiple domain names?
Look here for more information ....

Thawte SSL Certificates

Looking to secure your website, and provide customer peace of mind for eCommerce transactions? Get yourself a Thawte Digital Certificate, or order your FREE 21 day trial. Find out more here ...

E-mail Hosting

POP3 Email & Webmail Hosting


You can now add POP3 post boxes to any domain in your account which will allow you to collect email directly from our servers.
    The advantage to this is that you will be able to reply to senders  using your email address rather than through the one provided by your  ISP, other free mail provider (like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc). This looks  much more professional and using this service, you can are free to  create multiple email boxes.
    If you have more than one person requiring an email address under your domain name,  this service is ideal and you can create extra mailboxes in your  account and assign them to different people within your organisation,  family or even friends!

Service DescriptionMore Information
10 POP3 mail boxes
25 POP3 mail boxes
50 POP3 mail boxes
100 POP3 mail boxes

All e-mail hosting configurations come with:

  1. FREE Control Panel Access (to allow you management of e-mail addresses)
  3. FREE domain name forwarding
  5. FREE 10MB web hosting space to allow hosting of holding pages
  7. FREE e-mail forwarding
  9. FREE anti-spam control options
  11. FREE anti-virus scanning of e-mails
  13. FREE web-based e-mail access

You can order this service online, or find out more, please contact us on: + 44 (0)207 099 2181 or alternatively, contact us through our online contact form.


Multiple Mailbox Routing


Each mail box can have any number of email addresses routing to the  mail box. For example, if "Jane Biggs" has a mail box then you can  configure it so that all email sent to "[email protected]" and  "[email protected]" will be automatically routed into Jane's mail  box - if Jane is the marketing manager then you can assign  "[email protected]" to her mail box too! It is extremely easy with  our control panel and all changes occur in real time, and with your  full control!


FREE Email Anti-Virus Protection


Your email hosting comes complete with anti-virus protection as standard, and absolutely FREE!
    We  scan each an every email before it even arrives into your mail box.  Used in conjunction with your virus scanner on your PC, you will have  the best protection against virus activity. We update our virus  definition files regularly and as per the publishers guidelines and  updates. Although we can never guarantee to catch ALL viruses, we  believe that this gives you the best virus protection phyiscally  possible.


SPAM Detection - Anti-Spam


Your email hosting, also comes complete with SPAM Detection at no extra charge to you!
    We  will also scan and detect most types of SPAM mail. As email is  delivered to your email box, it will pass through a very complicated  set of filters and SPAM detection algorithms which will check against a  number of SPAM related sources to determine if the content of the email  is SPAM or not. Based on the results, the email will then be flagged as  "possible" SPAM and saved as an attachment so you do not have to look  at it - you will be able to view a full report of the detection process  and the original email if you need to - e.g. if it turns out that the  email is genuine, and sent from a source that you trust, you will then  be able to "unflag"the email and be able to view and read it.


FREE Webmail Access


As an extra bonus, we configure webmail on each of your mail boxes as well, completely FREE!
    There is no extra cost for this and it means that you can pick up your  email from almost anywhere you have internet access from - so if you  are away on business or pleasure, you can still receive and reply to  ALL your important emails from all over the world.

* All e-mail hosting services are billed annually - cancellations can be made at anytime, however, no refund for unused portions of the service can be offered.

E-mail Hosting

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E-mail Hosting

E-mail Hosting Package

E-mail Hosting Package
Price: £19.99
POP E-mail Accounts:

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